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About Flirty Nola


Hi!  Welcome to Flirty Nola’s Favorite Sex Toys!  As you may have already guessed, I am Flirty Nola.  I am not a sex expert but I do know a lot about sex toys and this site is my forum to share what I know with you.  Hopefully I can demystify the toy buying process and help you to pick the perfect toy at a great price.  You satisfaction is absolutely my goal!

I have no hidden agenda.  I am not a sex therapist or a brand ambassador.  I have no classes to sell or clubs to join.  I am just a suburban wife who loves a glass of wine, great sex toy and a few kid-free moments to relax!  I am an entrepreneur and run the amazing (if I do say so myself) adult game site, Kissy Games.  I am also a cam model (don’t judge!  It is a lot of fun AND pays the bills).  As a “performer” I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with an awful lot of vibrators and dildos.  A lot of them were honestly pretty disappointing.  Some though were really surprisingly great.  I quickly learned that you do not always get what you pay for when it comes to sex toys.  I found many of the most effective vibrators to be quite inexpensive.

I value quality over quantity.  I put zero stock in brand or price – all I care about is whether or not it works well and provides value for your investment. 

This site gives you a chance to benefit from my surprise finds and avoid making my mistakes. I share the toys that rocked my world regardless of price or brand.  I hope that you find them as satisfying as I have.

We are based in Texas and ALL of our products ship from the USA.  We offer FAST SHIPPING (because nobody should ever have to wait for an orgasm) and we are discrete (your neighbors don’t need to know what you are up to after the kids leave for school.    

I update the store as I find new products that provide a real bang for your buck.  Do you have a favorite toy?  Let me know and I will test it out and add it to the store.  Together we can make our toy time something special.